• Register Google Drive in Canvas

    Video (4/2020):  How to Register Google Drive Within Canvas (1:36)

    • If the student or teacher uses Google apps or Google Drive with Canvas for content or assignments, Google Drive will need to be authorized in Canvas for these items to properly function. If Google registration stops functioning, remove the integration and reregister following the steps below.

    Remove Google Drive Integration

    Removing Google integration from Canvas requires two steps. This is done when the Google integration in Canvas (above) stops working. After following both steps listed below, the steps above to register Google Drive in Canvas will need to be completed. 

    Video (4/2020): How to Remove a Google Drive Integration from Canvas (1:16) 

    Video (4/2020): How to Remove a Canvas Integration from Google Drive (1:36)

    Allow Cookies

    3rd Party Cookies need to be allowed for the Google Drive authentication to work. This may work for you:

    1. Open Chrome browser
    2. Type this into your address bar: chrome://settings/cookies
    3. Select the "Allow all cookies" option
    4. Close browser

    Connect to Your FPCS Google Drive

    You'll want to make sure that you are connected to your FCPS Google Drive and not a personal GMail Google Drive. The following video provided by the Office of Instructional Technology may help:

    Google Assignments in Canvas

    Video (3/2021):  Google Assignments in Canvas (9:17)

    •  This is a screencast from the student's point of view while working on a Chromebook to complete a Google assignment in Canvas.