How VLA Operates

  • The FCPS Virtual Learning Academy, which serves students in grades K-12, provides an opportunity to learn on an innovative platform using a guided-pacing curriculum to achieve mastery. The curriculum is from the Florida Virtual School, and FCPS uses Canvas as the learning management system. Our students receive daily instruction and interact with teachers on a set schedule. Daily attendance in online classes is required, as are participation and completion of daily assignments. The level of expectation and accountability resemble that of the traditional classroom, but all takes place online.


By the numbers

  • Enrollment: 520

    • Racial balance: 49% White, 26% Black, 13% Hispanic, 4% Asian
    • Free/reduced meal qualifiers: 63%
    • English Learners: 7%
    • Special Education: 13%

    This data is a snapshot from February 2022. It will be updated in October.