• Bus Riders 

    • Students will have a temperature check conducted by the bus monitor at the bus stop  prior to arrival at Meadowthorpe if there is a monitor assigned to the bus.
    • Students being dropped off by buses with monitors will have already had their  temperatures taken and will not require a temperature check at arrival. 
    • Buses without staff monitors, will notify Meadowthorpe staff members supervising the  bus area by holding up a red sign. If students on the bus have not had a temperature  check conducted prior to arriving at school, they will go through the screening conducted  as soon as they exit the bus by a Meadowthorpe staff member. 
    • Students who arrive with a fever or demonstrate COVID-19 like symptoms will be  dismissed from the bus first. 
    • The student will then be escorted by an assigned Meadowthorpe staff member around  the front of the building, through the front doors to the far left and directly to the isolation  room, located beside the nurse’s station. 
    • Staff members who are providing supervision at the buses will give verbal reinforcement  for students to wear masks and social distance while entering the building.
    • Staff will provide students with a grab and go breakfast once in the building and they will  proceed to their classroom. 
    • Staff will continue to give verbal reinforcement of mask wearing and social distance as  students travel to their classrooms. 
    • Students in grades K-2 traveling through the special’s hallway and students in grades 3- 5 traveling down the gym hallway to minimize the number of students in the hallways. 


    • Walkers will go to the purple cone at the front of the school on the far right (if facing the  school) while they wait to have their temperature taken by the staff member at that cone.  If they are fever free, enter the school’s front doors on the right if in grades K-2 and on  the left for grades 3-5. 
    • If a parent is escorting a student walker, they may drop the student off at the purple cone or escort the child to the front door after the child has passed the temperature screening. No parents will be permitted to enter the building to escort students to their  classrooms to protect the safety of all students and staff. 
    • Students with a fever of 100.4 or greater will be isolated and parents notified for a prompt pick-up.

    Car Riders 

    • Cars riders will pull through the car line starting at 7:15 a.m. 
    • No students should be dropped at any other spot in the parking lot so that safety  protocols can be followed. 
    • No students are permitted to be dropped off prior to that time. 
    • When your car has pulled up beside one of the colored cones in the car loop, students  will put on a mask and roll down the window to wait for a temperature check by a MES  staff member prior to exiting the car. 
    • We ask that car riders sit on the passenger side to expedite the temperature taking  process. 
    • If a students arriving by car has a temperature of 100.4°F or greater we will ask that they  do not exit the car and return home. 
    • If a student is fever free, they will continue to the front door on the far right to hand  sanitize and receive a grab and go breakfast or proceed to their classroom.
    • If a student has a fever, they will return home with the parent or whomever has driven  them to school. 
    • Students will be reminded to social distance as much as possible and to keep their  masks on as they exit the car and enter the building. 
    • Floors are marked to indicate safe distancing 
    • Be sure to adhere to all school guidelines to help with a smooth arrival process. Please  be patient, as our drop-off procedures will take much longer than they have in the past  due to having to take temperatures. 
    • Please have your child open his/her car door and exit independently. We will not be  able to assist with helping your child exit the vehicle. 

    Students will be served grab and go breakfast after entering the building. If not getting breakfast  they will go directly to their homeroom classroom. All students will be required to wear a mask  at all times in the building except those students who have a medical or ARC-directed  exemption for wearing a mask. Students will follow the directional markers on the hallway floors  and stay as socially distant as possible. Upon entering a student's homeroom class they will  be required to sanitize their hands by either washing in the sink or using hand sanitizer.  


    Breakfast will be grab-and-go in the front entrance and side entrance. All items will be packaged together for quick retrieval. Students will eat in their classroom at their desks. We will have a backpack label/sticker to indicate food allergies for students.