Classroom Setup

    • Desks and tables will be arranged to spread students out as much as possible.  Six feet distancing will not be possible
    • Plastic barries will be used to seperate students at tables
    • Students will be assigned seats in every classroom
    • Students will be required to wear masks, unless a medical note is provided
    • Teachers will develop protocols for movement within the classroom
    • Students will maintain their own set of supplies
    • Students may use a backpack in the classroom.  We will not utilize lockers this year

In-Person Instruction

    • Teachers will maintain Canvas pages for each class.
    • All work will be submitted digitally by students through Canvas or from the specific curriculum platform (Amplify, enVision, Collections)
    • Teachers will not collect paper copies of any materials
    • Students will not be allowed to use a locker during the school day.  They may carry a backpack during the day.
    • All rooms will utilize plastic barriers, since social distancing will not be possible in our classrooms.

The Student Center (formerly Library Media Center)

    • The library will not be open before school. The library will be open for students until 4:30 PM.
    • Teachers will be allowed to bring classes to the library.
    • The library media specialist will have two rostered classes during the day.
    • Students will be allowed to check out books and materials online, with teacher delivery to the classroom.
    • Tables will be cleaned after each use.  Books and materials will be quarantined for seven days after return.

Specialized Services

    • GT services will be offered as nine week courses as usually.  We do not utilize push in or pull out services for this.
    • Related services will continue to be offered remotely unless data otherwise indicates.
    • Resource classes will be taught in person as scheduled.

Daily Schedule

    • First Period: 9:15-10:10
    • Second Period: 10:14-11:04
    • Third Period 6th Grade: 11:08-11:58
      • Third Period 7th/8th Grade: 11:08-12:29 (lunch included)
    • Fourth Period 6th Grade: 12:02-1:23 (lunch included)
      • Fourth Period 7th/8th Grade: 12:33-1:23
    • Fifth Period: 1:27-2:17
    • Sixth Period: 2:21-3:11
    • Seventh Period: 3:15-4:05