• Student Driver


    The Driver's School Compliance Verification form is completed through the Guidance Office. 



    • Student must be 16 years old before completing the form
    • The student must have less than 9 unexcused absences and has passed 6 of 8 courses in the preceding semester


    To Submit request:

    • Use this link to submit a request for the Driver's School Compliance Verification form
    • Complete the form entirely
    • No same day request
    • Only the Parent or Guardian can pick-up the completed form
    • Will receive email confirmation once form is complete and ready for pick-up
    • Pick-up location will be in the front vestibule office during a scheduled appointment (Mon-Fri 9-3 p.m.)
    • The Driver's form expires in 60 days once signed


    For additional information about obtaining a Permit, Drivers License and Drivers Manual, click link drive.ky.gov