• HC Library Tech Help is available! Contact Mrs. Hurley via email for the link! 


    To access FCPS email, go to www.office.com

    MAC users, for best results, use the Chrome browser (not Safari).

    Canvas Student Guide
     includes information on how to submit an assignment, how to set up the Canvas app, how to authorize Google, etc.

    The FCPS Canvas Help Page can help you find more answers to Canvas issues.

    If your chromebook is having issues, clear the cache. Directions can be found here.


    Authorization Issues in Canvas? Try these steps to troubleshoot:

    • Follow directions on Page 4 of The Canvas Guide.

    • Clear your cache in your browser settings (Privacy & Security Section).

    • Enable cookies in your browser settings (Cookies Section).

    • Restart your computer.

    • If you are on a district issued device, call the FCPS HelpDesk (381-4410) and explain the steps you've attempted to fix the issue. For district owned devices, having FCPS clear the student profile off the machine may resolve the Authorization issue.  


     Savvas Troubleshooting tips can be found here. Please note: Savvas used to be Pearson and, while the name has changed, the products have not and the steps are the same. 

    Step by step directions to access Realize Envision (Math curriculum) and a video are linked here. 


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