• Infinite Campus

    Out-of-county student login 

    Follow the student instructions below:

    1. Do NOT log into IC the first time via the mobile app.
    2. Go to www.scott.kyschools.uswww.woodford.kyschools.us, or www.jessamine.kyschools.us, select Parent Portal Icon.
    3. Username is the Student ID # (listed on the student schedule).  Teachers can also provide this number to students. This MUST be the one on EASTSIDE’S rosters.
    4. Passwords were reset on the first day of school to the following default format:  Password:  1stInitial+LastInitial+MMDDYY(i.e. if John Doe’s birthdate is April 7, 2001 is password is:  jd040701)
    5. A “catcha” box will more than likely appear.  If so, the student will be prompted to enter the username and password again along with the letters in the “catcha” box.
    6. The student will then be prompted to create a new password.

    Note: IC is case-sensitive.