Freshman Academy Students of the Month
  • Academic Student of the Month

    • Award Criteria
      • Shows academic success in majority of classes, in both Formative and Summative assignments.
      • Utilizes reassessment opportunities, if needed.
      • Actively participates in class and follows expectations.
      • Shows progress or improvement over the semester.

    Behavior Student of the Month

    • Award Criteria
      • Consistent work ethic (turns things in on time, asks relevant questions).
      • Willing to work with others and assist peers as needed.
      • Utilizes technology appropriately in online platforms with teachers and peers.
      • Consistently respectful to both teachers and peers.
      • Regularly Attends Synchronous Virtual Learning Sessions.

    Culture Student of the Month

    • Award Criteria
      • Displays Freshman Academy and/or BSHS Pride and Spirit.
      • Maintains Overall Positive Attitude/Ability to Persevere.
      • Extra-Curricular Involvement (Optional)

    Outstanding Defender of the Month

    • Award Criteria
      • This should be a student who meets all or most of the Academic, Behavior & Culture Criteria above.