Back to School 2020-21: Instructional Models

  • Faced with the constantly changing status of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fayette County Public Schools developed a 2020-21 reopening plan that gave families two options: a “Flexible Model” that allows for a return to in-person instruction when conditions are safe and a “Virtual Learning Academy” that offers a completely virtual school.

    Option 1: Flexible Model

    Fayette County Public Schools believes that students learn best when they are in class with their teachers and peers. When we can safely return to face-to-face instruction with appropriate prevention and mitigation measures, we are committed to doing so. Knowing that our district will need to respond nimbly to the fluid nature of this pandemic, our “Flexible Model” gives school and district leaders the discretion to implement one of three instructional configurations that are most appropriate based on current levels of community spread of COVID-19. Under this plan, students may attend school in person, participate in Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI), or be divided into smaller groups that rotate between in-person and distance learning in order to maximize social distancing. Public health will determine the safest learning model, based on science, evidence and conditions on the ground.  

    Option 2: Virtual Learning Academy

    Fayette County Public Schools offers a completely virtual learning option for families who – for reasons related to their child’s health or the health of others in their household – do not want to return to in-person instruction in 2020-21 under any circumstances. Students enrolled in the Virtual Learning Academy receive daily instruction and interact with teachers on a set schedule. Daily attendance in online classes is required, as is participation and completion of daily assignments. The level of expectation and accountability resemble that of the traditional classroom, but all takes place online. The students use Canvas, a learning management system (LMS) or online classroom space where teachers can communicate information about instruction and assignments.