• STEM Fair 2020

    • Original Art: First Place: MISFIT by Deja Baker, Bryan Station High School
    • Graphic Design: Third Place: Coming Summer 2020 by Lindsey Gammon, Bryan Station High School
    • Original Photo: Third Place: Dominic's Street by Kevyn Flores Montes, Bryan Station High School
    • Manipulated Photo: Second Place: This is Me by Grace Brown, Bryan Station High School
    • Manipulated Photo: Third Place: Gemini by Kevyn Flores Montes, Bryan Station High School
    • Mixed Media: Third Place: Overthinker by Kevyn Flores Montes, Bryan Station High School
    • Innovative Products: First Place: Platformer by Scottie Helton, Bryan Station High School (Game)
    • Video (Not PSA): First Place: Diversity by Station Studios, Bryan Station High School
    • Video (Not PSA): Third Place: Pick Up Fails by Station Studios, Bryan Station High School
  • College Board National Recognition Program

    Anna Seebold scored in the top 2.5% on the PSAT/NMSQT this year and will participate in the College Board National Recognition Program. Anna has worked on her online application, and I completed the required school portion this past month. We received the official letter from College Board in the mail today, and we will eventually receive a certificate to present to Anna. Congratulations, Anna!


    Governor's Scholars Program

    Congratulations to Caitlin Deffendall, Zach Henz and Anna Seebold on their acceptance into the Governor’s Scholars Program.


    Senior Award Winner

    Lamargaret T Johnson has been selected as a winner of the Schneider Electric North America Foundation Scholarship.  Pursuant to an Agreement with National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC), this Special Scholarship award is sponsored by Schneider Electric North America Foundation.  

    Special Scholarships are underwritten by many of the business organizations that also provide Merit Scholarship® awards for students who qualify as Finalists in the National Merit® Scholarship Program.  These corporate sponsors wish to offer a fixed number of awards each year for students who meet their specified criteria—usually children of employees or residents of communities where the company has facilities.  In years when the number of such Finalists is less than the total number of scholarships a sponsor wishes to offer, the company or business supplements its National Merit Scholarships with Special Scholarships for other high performers in the National Merit Program.  Winners of Special Scholarships are chosen based on their academic accomplishments from a pool of candidates who fulfilled the sponsor's criteria and scored high on the 2018 PSAT/NMSQT®.


    HOSA Virtual Competition

    Congratulations to our Medical Academy students that placed in the state HOSA competition in their perspective fields:

    • In Leadership Events, Victoria Lowe placed 2nd in Research Persuasive Writing and Speaking.
    • In Health Professions, Amy Perez Alvarado placed 3rd in Dental Science.