• Lexington Scavenger Hunt From Your Car

    (Social distancing by Da’Keisha Jett, LPCC-S)
    Instructions: Fill in the blanks below with the correct answers. After, drive to the location and take a picture from your car window.
    1. ______________ was built for Francis Key Hunt to live in. It was built in 1850. Between 1870 and 1889, Colonel William Cassius Goodloe also lived here.
    2. President Abraham Lincoln use to live here. ______________________
    3. __________________ got its name because the owner stated when the wind blew the grain in the field, it looked like waves. Joseph Bryan inherited this land from his father.
    4. This white columned building located on Sayre Avenue. This home was built in 1845 by David Sayre. ___________________________
    5. Henry Clay bought this land in 1804 for his plantation. He grew cash crop and bred livestock on this land. _______________________
    6. John Bryan Bowman founded the Agricultural and Mechanical College at Kentucky University, but eventually moved his department to a new school. 52 acres was donated by Lexington, KY to establish this new school, ___________________________ and by 1880 this school began allowing women to enroll.
    7. In 1811, Senator John Pope’s home construction began and it was known as the _________________ and was designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe.
    8. This church was built on top of a graveyard in Downtown Lexington. It was organized by Jacob Creath, Jeremiah Vardeman and Henry Toler in 1817. _________________________________
    9. _________________________ was known as the largest slave market before the Civil war. Its name derived from an Old English word meaning “Market-place” and most slaves sold here were not expensive.
    10. Rebuilt in 1886 after being destroyed by a fire, ____________________ hosted many performances for the public. The Marx Brothers performed here along with other famous comedians and actors.