• Need Guidance 

    You can contact our team.

    • Sara Williams, Social Worker -- You can call her at 857-667-4859. Both parents and students may call.  Students please get parent permission first.  You may call Ms. Williams during the work day.  Ms. Williams is also available through email at sara.williams@fayette.kyschools.us.
    • Youth Service Center Coordinator -- Roxanne Brown --  Please email her with questions or help at roxanne.brown@fayette.kyschools.us 
    • Mental Health Specialist - Elton Parish -  Please email him with questions or concens at elton.parish@fayette.kyschools.us

    Guidance -- 

    • Chris Williams -- SIP Counselor -- chris.williams@fayette.kyschools.us
    • Kim Smith -- Traditional Counselor -- kimberly.smith@fayette.kyschools.us

    Students -- Please visit our Google Classroom to assist you.  The access code to join this site is cczlnnh.

    For Parents --- Visit our Bearcat Guardian site for resources