• NTI = Non-Traditional Instruction



    Morton End-of-Year Procedures May 2020

    Hope this message finds you healthy and safe!  We know you’ve been waiting for information on materials return ( textbooks, library books, instruments, Chromebooks, etc.) and retrieval of belongings in lockers.  Good news!  After receiving FCPS COVID-19 Emergency Guidelines for End-of-School Procedures on Friday evening, our next step was to submit a formal plan to our Chief and FCPS Office of Risk Management to review and approve via health department guidelines…and wait for a green light from them before proceeding.  We submitted our plan yesterday morning and it was approved late this afternoon.  Yay!!! 

    Our plan is attached: MMS End of Year Procedures May 2020

    Below is an excerpt from the plan that may be of extra interest. 

    Material Check In-Out Process:

    • Students will return materials (textbooks, library books, instruments, Chromebooks – if they so choose) and pick-up locker contents, if applicable, per the designated drive-thru schedule below according to alpha and grade level.
      • Friday, May 22 – 8th graders
      • Tuesday, May 26 - 7th graders
      • Wednesday, May 27 - 6th graders
      • Thursday & Friday, May 28 and 29 – Make-Up days by appointment



    Students with last names beginning…

    9:00 am

    A, B, C

    9:45 am

    D, E, F

    10:30 am

    G, H, I, J

    11:15 am

    K, L, M

    12:00 pm

    N, O, P

    1:00 pm

    Q, R, S

    1:45 pm

    T, U, V

    2:30 pm

    W, X, Y, Z


    • If a family has children at different grade levels, they can let us know in advance and complete the material check in-out process on the same day.
    • School personnel will be at well-marked stations around the Providence Side parking lot to accept returns in boxes/tubs or on carts as well as to deliver locker contents to cars.
    • Although Chromebooks are not required to be returned unless students are leaving the district, we will give students/families the opportunity to return them.



    Please refer to the files below to determine how your teachers will be communicating with you during NTI.



    Morton Teacher List in Alphabetical Order


    Morton Teacher List by Team



    NTI Days Begin April 6th!!! 


    As we are approaching April 6, we just wanted to share some important reminders.  Please know that your Morton staff is here for you and is striving to make NTI days a great learning experience,, while at the same time decrease the stress of distance learning. Your teachers will all be available during their office hours to answer any questions you might have about their content. Please reach out to them with your questions. They will love hearing from you!


    How will students receive instruction?

    By April 6, teachers will communicate with students as to how lessons will be delivered to them.  Students should check their email and/or the NTI link on the Morton homepage daily to stay aware of expectations. Some teachers have chosen a digital platform such as Google Classroom, enVision, Collections, etc. while other teachers will be emailing lessons to students.  Many parents have stopped by to pick up Chromebooks for use during NTI days.  If you have not been able to check one out as of yet and are interested in doing so, please contact us, and we will do our best to make that option available to you.  For students who do not have digital access, paper packets can be provided for you; just let your Team Leader know.


    For any student with a specialized education plan, accommodations and modifications will be implemented.  Teachers and Case Managers will be communicating more individualized information with families.


    What if I need technology support?

    We are fortunate that the district is setting up a temporary helpdesk to call for any family needing technical support with a student’s FCPS account or Chromebook.  The Tech Support number is 381-4410.  Someone will be available to talk to you Monday – Friday from 8 am to 8 pm.


    Enrichment and Other Resources:

    District Mental Health Specialist resources

    Khan Academy - Resource for all content

    HS Tutorials - tutorials for math

    Newsela - resource for leveled reading and comprehension activities in all content areas

    KET At-Home Learning

    • Other resources are available on the Morton webpage under "Students">"Handy Links"