Non-Traditional Instruction / Differentiated Distance Learning

  • Here is how NTI/2DL will be stuctured, what students and families will experience, as well as the accountability of the program.  


    • Schools will use a common platform (Learning Management System) to deliver instruction: either Google Classroom or Canvas.
    • Schools will create a master “NTI-2DL” schedule that will be implemented consistently (daily, weekly, etc.).
    • Schools will implement clear communication protocols from school to home.

    Learning Experiences:

    • Teachers will focus on new learning and growth for every student.
    • Teachers will diagnose unfinished learning to identify gaps and determine individual needs for acceleration.
    • Students will have access to grade-appropriate learning from digital curriculum programs and district adopted curricula.
    • Teachers will provide strong instruction by implementing a distance learning framework that includes synchronous direct instruction and asynchronous guided learning to differentiate learning and facilitate deep engagement.
    • Teachers will administer ongoing formative assessments with timely feedback.


    • Teachers will have high academic expectations for all students.
    • Student learning will be assessed on an ongoing basis.
    • Families will receive regular documentation and reports on student participation, student mastery, and grades.

    School supply lists

    District resources:

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    COVID-19 Impact

    Student Tech Support 

    For help with Chromebook or FCPS student account, (859) 381-4410

    Tech Support is open during the following hours if you need assistance with a student account at the number listed above.

    Monday-Thursday 8:00am-6:00pm

    Friday 8:00am-5:00pm


    Translators are available.


    Reenvisioning, Reimagining, and Renewing booklet

    Tutorials -- for various platforms, from Google Docs to Google Classroom


    Accessing e-curriculum from home computers

    Students who use Windows or Apple devices at home (instead of Chromebooks) have a separate login step to access Google or Clever eCurricuum apps. They might not realize that credentials to sign into Google are the same as those they use to sign into a Chromebook, where Google sign-in occurs automatically.


    Steps to sign in to Google - to access products on the Google Apps list, such as Wonders, Collections, enVision and Investigations. 


     NTI = Non-Traditional Instruction

     NTI plans      Google Classroom


     Home Expectations - We are HAWKS!