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Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

Andre Thomas

I’m Andre Thomas, a systems analyst here. I formerly helped FCPS teachers and webmasters with their online presence. Now you should contact my colleague Tammy L. Lane.

Early life

I hail all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio. There I was born and raised. I began with a passion for entertainment that has been remarkably fine tuned me into a skilled creative. I spent time, like most kids, playing video games and having memorable experiences with friends.


I started college with a blast! I came in as a second semester freshmen and made history by becoming a Residence Assistant during my year semester. This is usually a privilege for Juniors and Seniors. On top of that, I became a tutor and joined an organization.

My second year, I reignited an interest in the theatrical arts by writing, producing, and directing a stage play. There was a great turnout for all three showings and an even greater response to the play itself. All positive reviews. This lead to another student doing the same on an even greater scale!

My third and forth year highlights were being a part of the Student Government Association as the 1st Attendant to Mr. KSU (which is a fancy way of saying that I lost :-)) and graduating. There were still some perks as the 1st Attendant so it was still enjoyable. Graduation was fun because, hey, I finished! I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics.

Married life

I’m a newly-wed. I married a beautiful soul named Porsha. We had a really awesome wedding, and we are looking to creating an even better marriage. So far, we’ve had the privilege of traveling to multiple city within our first year. With our anniversary coming up, we hope to spend it on the sand and under the sun.