BSHS AP Exam Administration Update                                                                           

    Dear AP Students and Families:
    Our first update of the exam schedule had some details missing because the information was not yet available from College Board.  This update includes that information along with the updated schedule.  
    If you have any questions not answered in this update, please reach out to Ms. Daugherty at lorie.daugherty@fayette.kyschools.us

    Introduction to the New Digital AP Exam Platform

    • This is not the same system that was used last year in the emergency situation. 
    • Preview Digital AP Exams
      • This link includes a brief video with instructions summarized as well as a ppt with more detailed information.  Much of what is listed in this update comes from these two presentations. 
      • It is strongly recommended all students view the information at this link to be familiar with the new platform, and also work through the digital practices (described and linked below).


    AP Exam Set-up

    Before Exam Day 

    • Step 1 | NOW | 
      • Download and Install the Digital Testing App and Log In
        • Using the school-issued Chromebook
          • The Digital Testing App has already been downloaded to all school-issued Chromebooks. (Thanks, Ms.Cohn).  
          • Log out of your chromebook, go to the bottom left corner for “apps” and choose the College Board app. 
          • Open it and log in with your College Board username and password. This completes the installation process
        • Using a Personal Device
          • The digital testing application is now available for AP students at cb.org/ap2021examapp.
            • Students should follow the directions on the download page to install the app on their testing computer.
            • When the app is installed, open it and log in with your College Board username and password. This completes the installation process.
            • If you are using a personal device for your exam, you are responsible for completing this step yourself. FCPS/BSHS will not be able to assist in troubleshooting for personal devices. 
    • Step 2 | ASAP | 
      • Practice with Example Questions in the Digital Testing App
        • Digital practice gives you the chance to practice with example questions in the same application you’ll use on exam day and confirm that your technology works as expected.
        • We strongly recommend ALL students taking digital exams complete the digital practice.
      • Complete a Survey about the device you plan to use
        • Log into your school google account.  Go to bit.ly/APexamtech and complete the short survey concerning what device you will be using to take your exams.  You must be logged into your school google account to complete the survey. 
    • Step 3 | 1–3 Days Before Exam Day | 
      • Complete Exam Setup for Each Digital Exam
        • For each digital AP Exam you take, you must complete the exam setup step in the digital testing app. This step loads your exam onto the computer you will use to take your tests. Completing this step is required 1–3 days before each exam. Without taking this step for each exam, you will not be able to test.
          • Exam setup opens 3 calendar days before the exam date and must be completed no later than the day before the exam.
          • Exam setup must be done on the computer the student will use for testing.
          • Once setup is completed, the computer can’t be shared with another student until the exam is over and responses have been submitted to the AP Program.

    On Exam Day

    • Step 4 | 30 Minutes Before the Exam | 
      • Check In to the Exam
        • On exam day, all students must check in 30 minutes before the official start time of the exam—at 11:30 a.m. EDT for 12 p.m. exams and 3:30 p.m. EDT for 4 p.m. exams—to complete final pre-exam checks.
        • Students can only check in on their testing computer, and can’t check in on multiple devices.
        • If students don’t start check-in before the start time of the exam, they won’t be allowed to test and will have to request a makeup exam.
        • Once they’ve completed check-in, students will see a timer at the top of their screen counting down the time remaining until the start time of the exam. The exam will begin automatically.


    Reminders for Online Testing @ Home

    Students using a personal device will need to install the digital exam application on the computer they will use throughout AP testing. Students using a school-issued device need to complete the remaining steps in the setup process since the app has already been loaded for you.  The following details apply to all digital exams:

    • Exams must be taken on desktop or laptop computers (no smartphones or tablets permitted; Chromebooks are allowed).
    • Computers must be fully charged to last through the full-length exam and able to be plugged in during the exam if needed.
    • While students should have a reliable internet connection, this year’s new testing application is tolerant of disruptions in internet connectivity.
    • No handwritten or photographed work will be accepted. FRQs will be adapted so that responses can be easily typed with a computer keyboard.
    • The digital AP Exams will not allow moving between questions.
    • Practice the digital format so you are ready for test day.
    • Given this year’s unusual circumstances, the College Board has waived the cancellation/unused exam fee. If you need to cancel your exam registration for any reason, you’ll receive a full refund. Log into your Total Registration Account at www.totalregistration.net


    Reminders for @School, paper/pencil testing

    College Board determined which tests would not be offered for digital testing. 

    • Be early for the exam. 
    • Bring a sweater or light jacket, several pens/pencils, and a snack/water if you need it.  You will not be allowed to eat or drink during the exam, but a snack is helpful for some during the break. 
    • You will not be allowed to keep your cell phone or other internet capable devices (like smart watches) during the exam.  
    • Be sure to wear a mask. 
    • Remote students should enter the building through the front doors.  Bring your school ID from last year if you have it, We will provide a temporary if you do not. 

    Revised AP Exam Schedule for BSHS

    Please review the following chart carefully for revised testing dates, times, and format:



    12 PM


    Monday, May 3 
    paper pencil @school

    U.S. Government & Politics


    Tuesday, May 11
    paper pencil @school 

    Spanish Language


    Tuesday, May 18
    Digital @home 


    English Literature & Composition

    Computer Science A

    Wednesday, May 19
    Digital @home


    U.S. History


    Thursday, May 20
    Digital @home


    World History: Modern


    Friday, May 21
    paper pencil @school 


    Spanish Literature


    Monday, May 24
    paper pencil @school 

    Calculus AB 
    Calculus BC


    Tuesday, May 25
    paper pencil @school 




    Wednesday, May 26
    Digital @home


    English Language & Composition

    Computer Science Principles

    Thursday, May 27
    Digital @home



    Environmental Science

    Friday, May 28
    Digital @home


    Human Geography


    *AP Art & Design portfolios and AP Computer Science Principles performance tasks will be submitted prior to May 20th.