Infinite Campus - for grades and school messages

    Visit the district's IC Parent Portal support site where you can: 

    • Request an activation key to create a Parent Portal account;
    • Reset your password or retrieve your username.
    • Ask for extra assistance.


    Canvas LMS - for Assignments and Assessment Calendars, and Class Content

    Canvas Student Guide: See how students log in, access and submit assignments, and receive feedback from teachers.

    Canvas Parent Guide: How to install and use the Canvas Parent App to track assignments on your mobile device. See video for more information.


    eOS - NEW!  Our employability scoring system for behavior and Well principles

    Go to https://eos.fcps.net/register to sign up as a parent, then eos.fcps.net to check your scholar's emploayablity score.

  • Lost or Damaged Charger?

    Scholars must turn in their chromebook AND charger at the end of the school year.  Scholars are responsible for keeping track of their charger and leaving it at home to charge at night.  In the event that the charger is lost, scholars can buy a charger online. Here are the specifications for chargers with the chromebooks at our school. The type of chromebook is listed on the top of the back of the chromebook.

    HP G5 11" EE Chromebook charger 




    HP G6 11" EE Chromebook charger:


  • AUP and CGWA Chromebook Pledge

    Scholars new to Fayette County Public Schools will need to fill out an Acceptable Use Policy to be signed by them and their parents/guardians. This gives scholars full access to educational sites on their chromebook.  If the AUP is violated in any way, scholars will lose that privilege. The AUP can be found on the district's website at https://www.fcps.net/cms/lib/KY01807169/Centricity/Domain/64/FCPS%20District%20AUP%20-%20June%202018.pdf 

    Scholars are also asked to turn in a Chromebook Pledge.  A sample of that pledge can be viewed below.  Scholars will be given a copy of the pledge at the beginning of each school year. 

    Chromebook Pledge