• Different? Same!

    by Heather Tekavec, Year Published: 2017

    Readers will discover similarities in even the most different of animals in this exploration
    of animals and their characteristics.

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  • Giraffe Problems

    by Jory John Year Published: 2018

    Can you guess what's making this giraffe self-conscious? Could it be...HIS ENORMOUS
    NECK? Yes, it's exactly that—how on earth did you figure it out?

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  • Misunderstood Shark

    by Ame Dyckman, Year Published: 2018

    Some people think there's nothing more terrifying than a shark! But are sharks really that
    scary, or are they just misunderstood?

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  • Natsumi!

    by Susan Lendroth, Year Published: 2018

    When Natsumi's family practices for their town's Japanese arts festival, Natsumi tries
    everything. But her stirring is way too vigorous for the tea ceremony, her dancing is just
    too imaginative, and flower arranging doesn't go any better. Can she find just the right
    way to put her exuberance to good use?

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  • Shark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean's Most Fearless Scientist

    by Jess Keating, Year Published: 2017

    Eugenie fell in love with sharks from the first moment she saw them at the aquarium.
    She couldn’t imagine anything more exciting than studying these graceful creatures
    and in the process earned the nickname, “Shark Lady.”

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  • Thank You, Omu!

    by Oge Mora Year Published: 2018

    When the aroma of Omu’s homemade stew fills the air, her neighbors arrive one by
    one for a taste until all is gone except for her generous spirit.

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  • The Itchy Book

    by LeUyen Pham and Mo Willems Year Published: 2018

    Triceratops has an itch...so does Pterodactyl...and Brontosaurus...and T-Rex! But
    DINOSAURS DO NOT SCRATCH. There is a rule written in stone. What is an itchy dinosaur
    to do?!

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  • We Don't Eat Our Classmates

    by Ryan T. Higgins Year Published: 2018

    It's the first day of school for Penelope Rex, and she can't wait to meet her classmates.
    But it's hard to make human friends when they're so darn delicious!

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  • What Do They Do With All That Poo?

    by Jane Kurtz Year Published: 2018

    There’s lots and lots of poo at the zoo, in many shapes and sizes. Some poo at the zoo
    is big and brown...but some of it surprises!

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  • What If

    by Samantha Berger Year Published: 2018

    This girl is determined to express herself! If she can't draw her dreams, she'll sculpt or
    build, carve or collage. If she can't do that, she'll turn her world into a canvas.

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