SBDM Committees

  • These meetings are called as needed, generally at 4:15 p.m.; families are welcome to participate.

    Curriculum, Instruction, Planning, and Growth (CIPG) Committee – chair: Principal, Robin Kirby 

    This group monitors student performance data and offers recommendations on topics including but not limited to:

    • School Improvement Plan - including monitoring and implementation
    • Course offerings
    • School day schedule
    • Textbook selection – With input from department chairs and content area representatives
    • School goals and objectives
    • Teacher professional development needs

    The CIPG committee also reports to the Professional Development Committee on staff needs in order to reach the goals set in the school improvement plan.

    Professional Development Committee – 

    This group, using input from the CIPG and Program Reviews committees, offers recommendations on topics including but not limited to:

    • Professional development needs of the staff
    • Professional development hours obtained by staff members
    • Approval of individual professional leave requests submitted by staff
    • Professional development budget and expenditures

    Budget Committee – 

    This group is responsible for approval of budget requests made by staff members in accordance with the Bryan Station Middle School SBDM Budget Policy. Per policy, the budget committee shall be responsible for making recommendations for all budget requests that exceed $1,000 and reporting all approved expenditures to the council.  The budget committee will also annually review the Budget Policy and make any recommendations for change to the council for consideration.

    Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS) – 

    This group promotes positive student behavior through building positive relationships with students, staff, parents, and community members. Through the use of various data sources, schoolwide assessments, and the ongoing review of discipline data, the PBIS committee develops, implements, and monitors, and a schoolwide positive behavioral intervention support system. This will include but will not be limited to:

    • The evaluation and revision of the school discipline policy.
    • Oversight and implementation of the parental involvement policy. 

    Technology Committee – Chair: Rick Prince

    This committee analyzes and weighs the technology available, provides the staff with knowledge of new concepts and resources, and develops ways to integrate technology into the curriculum. The group reviews Clarity Survey data to make decisions and also seeks out resources for acquiring funds to update and maintain our current equipment.