About Our School

  • Welcome to Brenda Cowan Elementary, the newest school in the Fayette County Public Schools family.    

    Lt. Brenda Cowan

    Our school is named for Lt. Brenda Cowan, the first African-American female firefighter in Lexington. She was a committed member of Engine 18 for her entire 12-year career. She radiated honor and pride whenever firefighters were mentioned. From time to time‚ she would say: "I’m an ordinary person doing an extraordinary job." After her death on Feb. 13‚ 2004‚ Cowan has continued to inspire warmth‚ kindness‚
 and love for all. She touched people from all walks of life in various 
parts of the community‚ the state‚ and the nation.

    At Brenda Cowan Elementary, we are committed to ensuring that all students are actively engaged and learning at high levels. As a school, we will ensure this through our four educational pillars:


    • In honor of Brenda Cowan, we are committed to teaching our students the importance of service to others. 

    Third-grade reading pledge

    • We pledge to dedicate and allot our available resources to ensure that all students leave third grade reading at, or above, grade level.

    Arts integration

    • Students will learn through the integration of arts education within the classroom core curriculum and enhanced through our special areas of music, creative writing, dance, drama, media art, and visual art.

    Global competency

    • Through the lens of global competency, we will teach our students the importance of learning about and celebrating different cultures and diverse points of view.

    Through our pillars, we will teach our students to embrace what makes them different, discover what they are passionate about, and take action.

Brenda Cowan Elementary
  • Our Mission:

    To expose our students to diverse opportunities through the lens of arts education while providing the unique experience of learning in an environment that allows students to access every part of their brain. We have the responsibility to ensure that all students are actively engaged, achieving at high levels, and are prepared to excel in a global society.