The ABC award is an award presented every year by the PTA intended to show appreciation for staff members who commit themselves to go "above and beyond" their job requirements, benefitting our children and Cassidy community in so many ways!

    Parents nominate a teacher who put extra time and energy in outside of their classroom and primary role of teacher. Also, this award is open to all teachers and staff, not limited to classroom teachers! Anyone who works in the building with our children is eligible. Nominees are voted on by the PTA board members and awards are presented at a school assembly in May.

    2018-2019 Award Winners

    Elizabeth Darce - Kindergarten teacher

    Erica Stringer - Music teacher

    Stephanie Williams - 4th grade teacher

    Brooks Ward - 5th grade teacher


    2017-2018 Award Winners 

    Barb Mills - Special Education teacher

    Kristi Fehr- Science Lab teacher

    Candece Jeter - 3rd grade teacher

    Dave Mahan - Support Staff


    2016-2017 Award Winners

    Erica Stringer - Music teacher

    Brooks Ward - 5th grade teacher

    Katie White - 3rd grade teacher

    Melissa Adams - Librarian


    2015-2016 Award Winners

    Christin Sims - Paraeducator

    Rhonda Fister - Principal

    Candece Jeter - 3rd grade teacher


    2014-2015 Award Winners

    Danon Camic - Special Education Teacher

    Linsey Ward - 4th grade Teacher

    Robin Stephens - Cafeteria Manager