Find Your Dream College

  • By Jillian Zhu

    It’s never too early to think about college. The idea for my infographic came to me when I started to take interest in different colleges. With a quick overview, my infographic goes briefly over the specialties of the school, as well as different statistics regarding the universities. I hope this infographic can help with the research of many and maybe even interest or motivate people to starting prepping early to get into their dream college.

    First, I started researching on my own in my spare time because I was genuinely curious. After days of research, I found out that the most famous schools were the Ivy League University, eight of which are in the US today. I then began to research information about the different subjects and majors each school was offering. It was at this time Mrs. Friis decided to incorporate DPOJ in Design Class. I was hyped up because it was like hitting two birds with one stone, but instead of typical whining, I was psyched to start researching in class of what I was interested in and completing a huge assignment in the class.

    I made an infographic with VENNGAGE, an online free infographic creator. I used different statistics from the various websites with information about admissioned undergraduates. I used the ranking list from because it was an updated, and therefore more relevant to this time. The first page, following this one, is a picture of the whole creation, while the rest are bigger chunks of it screenshotted, cropped, and zoomed in for viewing purposes. 

    Infographic Image 1

    Infographic Image 2

    Infographic Image 3

    Infographic Image 4

    Infographic Image 5

    Infographic Image 6