• Regional Science Fair Winners

    Congratulations to our Regional Science Fair Winners from Saturday!  The top 2 overall winners have now qualified for the International Science Fair that will take place in Phoenix, AZ in May and all of our winners advance to the State Science Fair that will take place at the end of the month at EKU.  

    Overall winners:

    • Rachel Seevers - 1st
    • David Vulakh - 2nd

    Category winners:

    • Animal Sciences - 1st Caitlin Labianca
    • Behavioral and Social Sciences - 1st Megan Slusarewicz, 2nd Emily Cooper, 3rd Ashley Rowell
    • Biochemistry - 1st Radhika Sharma, 2nd Mohammad Rashad, 3rd John Adkins
    • Biomedical and Health Sciences - 1st Nicole Crawford, 2nd Megan Guan, 3rd Dharani Ramaiah
    • Biomedical Engineering - 1st Saiprasad Naidu
    • Cellular and Molecular Biology - 1st Subershan Wignakumar, 2nd Margaret Blair, 3rd Olivia Tussey
    • Chemistry - 1st Angus Maske
    • Computational Biology and Bioinformatics -1st Max Bograd, 2nd Donya Vaez, 3rd Alan Luo
    • Earth and Environmental Sciences - 1st Maara Ensmann
    • Energy: Chemical - 1st Helen Pang
    • Energy: Physical - 1st Seun Adekunle, 2nd Rohan Rauch and Christian Skinker
    • Engineering Mechanics - 1st Rachel Seevers, 2nd William Ding
    • Materials Science- 1st Luke Sills
    • Mathematics - 1st Jason Wang, 3rd Ian McCauley
    • Microbiology - 1st Sydney Sun, 2nd Taylor Albrecht, 3rd Divya Sunderam
    • Physics and Astronomy - 1st Eli Carter, 2nd Kevin Jing
    • Plant Sciences - 1st Deepshikha Bassetti Nayakwadi, 2nd Katrina Baniak
    • Robotics and Intelligent Machines - 1st Stephen Yin, 2nd Angie Xiao, 3rd Nicole Wong
    • Systems Software - 1st David Vulakh, 2nd Evan Yang, 3rd Leni Broady
    • Translational Medical Science - 1st Drew Whitley, 2nd Ashley Su

    Specialty Awards:

    • Naval Award - David Vulakh, Rachel Seevers, Evan Yang
    • Air Force Award - William Ding, Jeffrey Shen
    • ASM Materials Foundation - Luke Sills
    • INTEL Outstanding Computer Science Project - David Vulakh
    • Mu Alpha Theta Award - Jason Wang
    • Society of Invitro Biology Award - John Adkins
    • American Psychological Association Award - Megan Slusarewicz
    • Yale Science and Engineering Award - Mohammad Rashad