In Extreme Cold ...

  • When temperatures are predicted to reach extreme lows, Fayette County Public Schools considers a combination of factors -- including ambient temperature, wind chill, precipitation, road conditions, sidewalk conditions, and weather forecasts – to make decisions about whether to cancel or delay the start of school. The district has not identified a specific temperature that would prompt closure, but would begin considering a change to the school schedule if temperatures were forecast to be below 0 degrees and/or a wind chill advisory has been issued. The National Weather Service issues a wind chill advisory when wind chills of -10 to -24F are expected and a wind chill warning when wind chills of -25F or lower are expected.

    Student safety is the district’s top priority when deciding to delay or close school, and administrators take every precaution to ensure that school buildings are a warm, safe, and ideal place for students to be when the weather is extremely cold. FCPS relies on families as partners to make sure children are dressed appropriately for the cold weather. The district urges students to wear winter hats, gloves, heavy coats, and boots. Layering thin pieces of dry clothing is most effective in extremely low temperatures. Any family that needs assistance with obtaining winter-weather clothing is encouraged to speak with someone at their child’s school. 

    The district also respects the right of each family to make decisions they feel are in the best interest of their children and will work with families to accommodate individual circumstances. 

    Questions: District spokeswoman Lisa Deffendall, (859) 381-4101 or 699-1441.