• Go Green to Earn Green Action Items

    Go Green to Earn Green 2.0 allows multiple opportunities for your school to earn Go Green + Earn Green funds each two-month period (October/November, December/January, & February/March).  Each two-month period allows every school to earn one Power Pack action item (up to $200) and up to five Green Culture action items (up to $40 each). 

    Green Culture: remain the same throughout the school year.  

    Power Pack: choose one unique activity from a list of four options during each period.


    To submit activites, click on Go Green to Earn Green Survey in the left bar of this page.

    *Be sure to sign into the Staff Channel using the second FCPS Staff Login button.

    Green Culture Action Items

    Green culture action items are relatively simple actions a school perform to earn a smaller amount of Go Green + Earn Green funds.  Many schools perform some or all of these tasks already, and now they will be able to be rewarded for their sustainable efforts.  There are five action items, and they do not change from month to month.  

    • Monthly Student Energy Patrol - These are the same student patrols that are already a part of the SEE KY curriculum.  Schools that perform one patrol per month from October through March will be awarded up to $40 each two-month period.  Schools are asked to track the number of check marks and the number of x's and report them in the Go Green + Earn Green survey at the end of each period.  Leverage patrol data for $200 Power Pack Awareness Campaign!
    • Assigned Light Monitor/Energy Leader - Create a culture of turning off lights.  Schools are encouraged to make sure that lights are turned off when not in use.  Schools actively ensuring lights are turned off will be awarded up to $40 each two-month period.
    • Disseminating Break Shutdown Checklists - Break Shutdown Checklists are sent out to Sustainability Coordinators prior to the Fall, Thanksgiving, Winter, & Spring breaks.  School who disseminate these checklists prior to each break will earn up to $40 each two-month period.
    • Contacting Bluegrass Greensource for Assistance in Recycling or Water Quality - Bluegrass Greensource is an excellent resource to help all schools with recycling or water education.  Working with your assigned Bluegrass Greensource Environmental Educator to improve recycling volume and/or contamination will earn your school up to $40 each two-month period.  Not sure who your BGGS Env Educator is?  Email Tresine.
    • Participating in a Local, State, or National Environmental Education or Wellness Program - Participate in any state or nationally-recognized EE program that promotes environmental education or student and staff wellness (KGHS, KY NEED, Lexus Eco Challenge, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, etc.) will earn up to $40 each two-month period.


    Power Pack Action Items

    The power pack action items will require a little more effort to perform, but they will have a larger impact on the sustainable culture of a school, and hopefully a greater impact on the energy consumption of a school.  Choose from one of the following options to get credit for $200 Go Green + Earn Green Power Pack.  A unique Power Pack must be submitted each period (no repeats).

    • Perform an Energy Awareness Campaign - Leverage student-collected will collect data during SEE KY Step 2: Investigating Your School AND customized energy consumption data to launch an Energy Awareness Campaign (ie morning announcements, classroom presentations, PTA newsletters, signs).  For customized energy consumption data, email Logan.Poteat@fayette.kyschools.us.  
    • Schedule a Sustainabililty Listening Session with the FCPS Sustainability Team - During a Listening Session, Tresine Logsdon and Logan Poteat will meet with your school's Sustainability Coordinator, Lead Custodian/Campus Foreman, and Principal/Associate Principal (building & grounds) to discuss sustainability and energy efforts at your school.  Listening Sessions are carefully designed to share information and to gather feedback about how our sustainability team can better serve your school.  Listening Sessions do not have to occur during the two-month period to receive the Go Green + Earn Green funds, as long as a date for some time in the future is scheduled during that period. *A Sustainability Listening Session is not an SEE KY lesson.
    • Mini-fridge Inventory and Consolidation - The average mini-fridge costs the district $80 per year.  Consider performing a mini-fridge inventory during one of your Monthly Patrols.  It isn't necessary to inventory all minifridges--it is okay to extrapolate an estimate based on an inventory on a subsection of rooms.  Over 1,100 mini-fridges were counted during last districwide inventory, costing over $88,000 annually just to power them.  A school that can provide an estimate of the inventory of mini-fridges in their school, and consolidate one or more mini-fridges will earn up to $200 for this action item.  Schools that already disallow mini-fridges in classrooms can report that they have no mini-fridges in their school and the district Energy Manager will spot check to verify.
    • Sustainability or Wellness Improvement Project - Schools apply their earned Go Green + Earn Green funds towards a sustainability or wellness improvement project.  Ideas for these projects in the past have included water-bottle refilling stations, Outdoor Classrooms, upcycling benches, exercise bands for classroom chairs, stability balls, vending misers, Energy Star mini-fridges to replace older inefficient mini-fridges, etc.