• Go Green to Earn Green


    This updated program will reward schools for sustainable and health behaviors that can be accomplished by any school, regardless of the building's age or when it was last renovated.

    We set out to level the playing field for schools to earn funds by demonstrating a committment to improving sustainability.  Go Green + Earn Green 2.0 allows schools to earn funds for green and healthy behavior.  The Go Green + Earn Green calendar will be divided into three, two-month periods from October through March.  Reward funds will be transferred soon after the end of those periods. 

    Green Culture

    Upon submission, each school will earn $40 for each Green Culture achievement: 

    • Is your school attempting to recycle?
    • Does your school's student team perform monthly energy patrols?
    • Are break shutdown checklists being disseminated to school staff before long breaks (Fall, Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring)?
    • Are classrooms encouraged to turn the lights off when everyone leaves a room?
    • Does your school participate in any environmental education or wellness programs like Kentucky Green & Healthy Schools, KY NEED, or Alliance for a Healthier Generation?

    Power Packs

    Upon submission, each school will earn $200 for one Power Pack per two-month period.

    • Hosting an Eergy Awareness Campaign using district-provided data tailored for your school + student-collected data
    • Scheduling a Listening Session with FCPS sustainability team, to include Principal, Lead Custodian, and Sustainability Coordinator.  You can find the provided listening session worksheet here. 
    • Creating a personal appliance inventory at your school during one of the studen'ts monthly patrols and consolidating some personal appliances.
    • Implementing a Sustainability or Wellness Improvement Project with the Go Green to Earn Green funds your school has already earned.

    Each school will submit their achievements by each period's deadline:

              December 11, 2019 - Deadline for October & November achievements

              February 12, 2020 - Deadline for December & January achievements

              May 1, 2020 - Deadline for February & March achievements

    To learn more or to submit your Power Pack & Green Culture achievements, please go to our Go Green to Earn Green Action Items page.

    To Submit activities now, look for Go Green to Earn Green Survey on left bar.

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