• Creek Reads!  TCMS Summer Reading


    All Tates Creek Middle School students are encouraged to read over the summer.  Our Anchors, Voyagers, Navigators, Mariners, Explorers, and Odyssey and students should read at least two books over the summer and fill out an IB MYP Learner Profile One-Pager for each book.  The IB learner profile represents 10 attributes valued by IB World Schools.  We believe these qualities can help individuals and groups become responsible members of local, national, and global communities.  We invite students to explore these attributes through their summer reading.

    Upon our return to school, students who have completed their summer reading one-pagers will be invited to our summer reading party and book discussion group.  This summer, our recommended summer reading list is the Kentucky Bluegrass Award Master List for 2019-20.  Below you will find the suggested reading list, one pager, and copies of the Learner Profile.

    Creek Reads Suggested Summer Reading List

    Creek Reads! One Pager

    IB Learner Profile

    IB Learner Profile

    TCMS Gifted and Talented Summer Reading

    Gifted and talented students may choose to participate in the school-wide IB MYP summer reading assignment, but it is not required as they have their own mandatory assignment.

    2019-2020 6th grade Hurricanes summer reading

    2019-2020 7th grade Castaways summer reading

    2019-2020 8th grade Olympian summer reading


     Remember: Kids are maturing at different rates.  Not every book is appropriate for every child at every age.  When choosing a book, use wisdom -- do not read a book that is inappropriate for you or your family.  When choosing and reading a book, talk to your parents about what you are reading.  Read together with your parent.-- Preddy, Leslie. Social Readers: Promoting Reading in the 21st Century. Libraries Unlimited, 2010.

     High School Summer Reading

    Bryan Station High School

    The BSHS Freshman Academy teachers will deliver summer reading books and assignments to students in May and discuss the Defender 101 Summer Program.  Students receive grades in their English and Freshman Seminar classes for successful completion of their summer reading work both on the summer reading assignment, and during the Summer Reading Academy Learning Event on Thursday, August 22nd.  The book is checked out to the student through the FCPS library system, so students are fined if they do not return the books.  Information about summer reading can be found on the BSHS homepage beginning at the end of May.

    Dunbar High School

    Dunbar Summer Reading

    Frederick Douglass High School

    Incoming 9th Graders at Frederick Douglass HS will be asked to read one of the two following books:  Dear Martin, by Nic Stone OR Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand.  These reads will be incorporated for the entire Freshman Academy, so are not dependent on English class assignment.  Students may choose which title to read.

    Henry Clay High School

    Henry Clay High School Summer Reading

    Lafayette High School

    Lafayette High School Summer Reading for all grades

    Lafayette High School AP Language

    Lafayette High School AP Literature

    Lafayette High School AP

    Tates Creek High School

    Tates Creek High School IB Freshmen