• Through the generous support of our local community, Fayette County Public Schools is becoming a national model under its Comprehensive 10-Point Safety Investment Plan, which draws upon the best practices in our state and nation in all aspects of school safety. Each component of the plan works in tandem, going beyond facility upgrades to also address school climate and culture, social emotional learning, planning, prevention, training, communication, and physical and mental well-being. Our goal is not only to prevent a school shooting, but also to mitigate the other risks our students face including bullying, self-harm, suicide, drug use, online exploitation, trauma, and community-based issues. The 10-point plan was developed based on recommendations from the District Safety Advisory Council, which was composed of 28 students, parents, educators, first responders, city officials, and business, faith, and community leaders selected for their experience and expertise in the area of safety and emergency management.  
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  • Then-Superintendent Manny Caulk, board members, and community supporters at the July 2, 2018 news conference


    The District Safety Advisory Council, which then-Superintendent Manny Caulk introduced on Feb. 22, 2018, examined best practices in school safety and relevant issues in juvenile justice, mental health, and social media. Its meetings, which rotated among the district’s six high schools, were not open forums or town hall meetings though they were open to the public. Community input was captured electronically during each meeting and via suggestions emailed to FCPS. On May 14, 2018, the advisory group presented a white paper with specific recommendations to ensure all schools are safe places to learn and work. The safety plan, which Caulk unveiled in July 2018, outlines investments in critical areas.