Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

  • Check to see where your AP credits transfer: LINK TO SITE


    As you may know, there have been significant changes to the 2020 AP exam administration.  An outline of those changes and how it affects our students is below:

    Exam Dates:

     Exam Format:

    • Most exams will have one or two free-response questions and will last 45 minutes.
    • Exams will only include content covered up through early March.
    • Exams can be taken at home or in schools:
      • If we return to school by May 11th, we will have a plan in place for taking exams at FDHS.
      • If we have not returned, students will test at home. 
      • In either case, please note…
        • Exams can be taken on computer, tablet, or smart-phone
        • Responses can either be typed and uploaded OR hand-written and submitted by photo via cell phone.
      • For AP Art Studio and Computer Science Principles, students must submit their portfolios by May 26th 
      • For AP world language and culture exams, students will complete two spoken tasks (via phone)consistent with free-response questions 3 and 4 on the current AP exam.  Written responses will NOT be required. 


    • Some students receive testing accommodations based on a 504 plan or IEP, which must be approved through College Board.  Approved accommodations will be built into the online testing platform.  For example, students who have been approved for double time testing will automatically be set up for 90 minutes instead of 45 minutes.

    Exam Security:

    • This year’s AP exams will be open book/open note. However, students may NOT consult with any other individuals during the testing period.  Also, points will not be earned from content that can be found in textbooks or online.
    • College Board has established strict, sophisticated protocols in their online platform to prevent and detect cheating. 
    • Please note that should students be found guilty of cheating, they will be blocked from testing or their AP scores will be canceled AND their high school will be notified as will colleges or other organizations to which the student has already sent any College Board scores.  They may also be prohibited from taking future AP/SAT exams.
    • Additionally, teachers will receive a copy of their students’ responses by May 26th.


    • Since we are 1:1, every student has a Chromebook.
    • If you fear that you will not have internet access for the exam, please reach out to me directly by Thursday, April 23rd to let me know. 

    College Credit:

    • At this time, the expectation is that scores will be released as close as possible to the usual July timeframe.
    • College Board has communicated with hundreds of institutions across the US and is confident that the vast majority of colleges and universities will award college credit as usual.


    • Live AP review courses are available now.  The schedule and link to these courses can be found here:
      • Coming in late April –
        • Tips for testing on specific devices
        • Guidance (w/video simulation) on at-home testing
        • Opportunities to practice uploading and submitting responses before test time
    • AdvanceKentucky has also opened up interactive help sessions for specific content areas.  The link to these resources is

    Cancelling Exams:

    • Students now have the option to cancel their exam and receive a full refund. However, it is STRONGLY encouraged for students to wait to cancel.
      • Any exam that isn’t taken will be considered “cancelled” and will be eligible for refund.  So, students can essentially wait until the day of the exam to officially decide whether they want to take it or not
    • To cancel an exam, log into and request a cancellation.  Once processed, a refund will be processed to the original payment method.
    • If you previously canceled an exam and only received a partial refund, please contact me to see about getting a full refund.
    • Students DO NOT need to do anything regarding cancelling exams through College Board. I will take care of that on my end.
    • If you do wish to take the exam, NO ACTION IS NEEDED

    If you have any specific questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at  Otherwise, continue to check for regular updates from College Board.