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    2021 Sign Up for Virtual Science Share Fair

    Form to Express Interest - Do this step first, unless you already filled it out from ClassDojo.


    2021 Virtual Science Share Fair Template

    1. Click this link to make a copy of Google Slides presentation

    2. Rename file with your first name, last name and grade level (Example: Kristi Fehr Grade 5) 

    3. Click the yellow "SHARE" button in the top right corner to share with Mrs. Fehr AFTER you rename it so I can approve your topic and give feedback along the way. (

    4. When you are finished with your experiment and slideshow, create a Fligrid video (or import your own) to share your findings. There is a rubric included so you can be sure to cover all of the important parts of your project.


    Want to know more about the project?

    Click for Science Share Fair Webpage with Mrs. Fehr's Lesson


    Project Safety

    Click ISEF Rules Wizard to find out if you need to fill out safety forms or ask Mrs. Fehr. Your project needs to be approved before experimentation starts.

Science Fair Forms (for reference or a no tech option)

Spanish Forms

Science Fair Examples of Forms (for reference or no tech option)