Mission & Vision

  • Cassidy Elementary Science Collaboration Vision and Mission Statements

    Science Collaboration Vision Statement: Science is an extension of everyone’s natural curiosity and permeates our lives. Science has had a profound influence on human history and will continue to influence our future. Therefore, at Cassidy we seek to:

    • Promote and support all aspects of effective science teaching, including new technologies and instructional strategies;
    • Encourage the natural curiosity of learners at all levels;
    • Increase scientific literacy and the application of science to everyday life;
    • Promote science as a vehicle for lifelong learning for all citizens;
    • Advocate for science education in all classrooms and create an understanding of the value of science.

    Science Collaboration Mission Statement

    As teachers, we will challenge ourselves to effectively integrate resources, strategies, and content knowledge to engage students in understanding science concepts and making real-world connections.