Winburn Middle School

Lexington, Kentucky

Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior

  • School Contacts

    Winburn Phone: (859-381-3967)    Winburn Fax: (859-381-3971)

    Principal: Whitney Allison                                                 

    Associate Principals: Killian Timoney,Stephanie Green

    Administrative Dean: Mike Hale                                                                                   

    Administrative Dean/PGES Coach: Jody Powell

    Administrative Assistant: Jane Wolfe                                                                              

    Attendance Clerk: Michelle Coates

    Registrar: Debbra Nauert                                                                                               

    Social Worker: Serena CulbertsonJennifer Brown

    Community Liason: Adriana Vasquez                                                                             

    Librarian: Carla O'Brien

    Cafeteria Manager: Kristi Gabbard (859)381-3983                                                          

    Youth Service Center Coordinator: T. C. Johnson (859)381-3970

    School Nurse: Beth Powell (859)288-2314

    Counselors: Jerri Jo Tackett(Centurions and Seminoles),Shane Weaver(Mayas and Knights)


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Winburn Middle School Annoucements

  • The Lexington Fire Department Community Services Division, in partnership with the American Red Cross, will install 10 year lithium battery smoke alarms in all homes in Fayette County.  

    The smoke alarms are free and will be installed by the Lexington Fire Department at no cost to the occupant.  

    As part of the installation, the LFD will also conduct a fire safety inspection.


    To schedule a smoke alarm installation

    Contact the Lexington Fire Department via email at or call (859) 231-5662.

    Please include the following information: 

    • Name
    • Address
    • Contact info (phone or email)
    • Number of floors
    • Number of bedrooms
    • Do you already have alarms in your home and if so, are they currently working and are they equipped with a battery or hard-wired into the home?


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  • We will be having a Scholastic Book Fair from December 11th - December 15th.  The students will be able to shop in the mornings from 8:35am-9:00am and during class with a pass from their teacher.  All language arts classes will have the opportunity to browse the book fair throughout the week. We will be open from 5:00pm-7:00pm on Thursday, December 14th and anyone attending our parent night will receive a 10% discount off of all of their book fair purchases. 


     Winburn Scholastic Book Fair Homepage



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  • New Winburn Website

    It's official! The new Winburn Website is now live!  While we finish transferring links and content you can continue accessing the old website using the link below. 

    Click here to access the old website. 

    (During the transition to the new website some of the links to resources have disappeared or will redirect you to other school's pages.  Please let me know if you can't find what you are looking for and I will do my best to get you the information you need.)


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  •      Planbook

         Winburn Middle School is using a digital program called Planbook which helps you view all of latest up-to-date classroom assignments and more!


         You can get to the webpage two ways:  type in or use the link on our school webpage.  Either way, this program will allow you to keep you informed about the instruction, activities, assessments, homework, and much more!


    Parent Directions for Accessing Planbook


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  • Ways You Can Help Winburn!

    Our PTSA has signed up to receive Kroger benefits, all you need to do is link your Kroger card (if you use one) to Winburn Middle School:


    Plastic Lids Collection! Girls on the Run is collecting plastic bottle caps/lids to get another bench made for Winburn! Please bring lids to Ms. Lilly in room 503.


    Acceptable Caps/Lids: Medicine Bottles and Caps (No Labels), Milk Jug Caps, Detergent Caps, Drink Bottle Caps, Any Caps/Lids w/ Recycle Numbers (2, 4, 5)


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  • Box Tops for Education

    The deadline for the Spring Box Top submission is March 1, 2018.  The money raised from Box Tops will be used to buy books to give to students for our Winter and Summer school wide book giveaways.  Use the link below to see the list of participating products.



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