Accelerated Reader

  • Accelerated Reader is a motivational reading program that allows students to earn points when they have read a book. Here are some ways to be successful with AR:

    • Students must read books on their level.  Take a look at the “Find Books” Link on the menu to help.
    • Students must read books from beginning to end. Watching a movie based on a book will not help them pass a test.
    • Students should take a test in a timely manner after reading a book. If they wait a long time details may be forgotten.
    •  AR Enterprise allows our students access to all 150,000 (and growing) Accelerated Reader quizzes. This ensures that our library is able to offer students greater oppportunities to find books within their own reading and interest levels.
    • Students may also quiz on AR books not found in our collection.  Along with access to so many reading practice quizzes, the Enterprise version of AR allows our students access to all AR vocabulary, literacy and recorded voice quizzes.
    • AR Enterprise is Web-Based, allowing parents home access to their child’s reading progress. (Please visit the Home Connect page and use your child’s username and password to enter).  Your child’s username and password can be found in their school agenda.

Find AR Books

  • AR Bookfinder will help you:

    • Find AR Books
    • Find AR Book Points
    • Find AR Book Levels

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Take AR Tests

  • Click link below to access Accelerated Reader Enterprise and take tests.


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