• Los Animales

    I can talk about animals! I can tell the names and colors of animals. I can tell if an animal is big or small. I can tell if I like or do not like an animal. 

    Los Animales


    El cuerpo

    I can talk about the parts of the body in Spanish. I can tell what hurts. 

    El Cuerpo


    Me duele

    La Hora del Codigo

    I can participate in the Hour of Code. 

    Lego Bits and Bricks

    Lego Bits and Bricks

    I can participate in The Hour of Code en español.


    Use the Spanish directions below to help the Flurbs catch their fruit. Write an algorithm. 

     Flurb Directions en español


    Flurb Coding


    La Computadora

    I can identify the parts of a computer in Spanish.

    La Computadora


    Watch this Brain Pop Jr Video to learn about the parts of a computer. 

    Can you sing the Computadora song? 

    What about laptop computers? Tell a family member about the parts in Spanish. 


    ¿Cómo te llamas?

    I can meet and greet a friend.

    I can introduce myself in Spanish. 

    We learned to greet a friend using hola and to introduce ourselves in Spanish. 


    Me llamo Jorge.

     Sra Chamorro

    Me llamo Señora Chamorro.