• Los Animales

    I can talk about animals. I can talk about animals I like and do not like. I can tell which animals are big and small. I can talk about what animals can do. 

    Oso Pardo Song by Alina Celeste



    La Escuela

    I can talk about my special area classes. I can tell who teaches my classes. I can tell what I need to do in my classes. 




    My Day at School 

    I can talk about school in Spanish. 


    Special Needs Awareness Program (S.N.A.P.)

    I can explore and discuss disabilities of attention, reading, writing, and mathematics.

    Misunderstood Minds PBS

    Hidden Disabilities 

    La Hora del Codigo

    I can participate in the Hour of Code. 

    Lego Bits and Bricks

    Lego Bits and Bricks

    I can participate in The Hour of Code en español.


    Use the Spanish directions below to help the Flurbs catch their fruit. Write an algorithm. 

     Flurb Directions en español


    Flurb Coding


    La Comida

    I can talk about food I like and do not like. 

    I can talk about healthy and unhealthy foods. 

    La comida


    Los Videos

    La Comida


    Tengo Hambre


    Te Gusta?


    Los Juegos



    Doki Los Alimentos


    La Tomatina

    I can talk about La Tomatina, a tomato fight from Spain. 

    La Tomatina


    La Tomatina con Rosa


    La Tomatina


    Tomatina Infantil


    Learn more here

    Las Normas

    I can discuss the rules of Spanish class.

    Las Normas

    Click below to watch Las Normas movie. 

    Las Normas


    Click below for the lyrics to the Las Normas song. 

    Las Normas Parody