• Back to School Shopping

    I can tell something I need to buy. I can complete simple multiplication problems to tell how much school supplies cost.


    Learn about Euros using the links below. 

    Scholastic Go

    Britancia Library

     Frida Kahlo


    Frida Kahlo

    I can talk about Frida Kahlo.

    I can describe the artistic style of Frida Kahlo's self portraits. 

     Choice Stations

    Frida Choice Stations


    La Computadora

    El Arte

    La Hora del Codigo

    I can participate in the Hour of Code. 

    Hour of Code


    I can participate in The Hour of Code en español.


    Use the Spanish directions below to move cups in specific positions. Practice at home by making your own set ups and algorithms. 

     Coding con cups


    Special Needs Awareness Program (S.N.A.P.)

    I can explore and discuss disabilities of attention, reading, writing, and mathematics.

    Misunderstood Minds PBS

    Hidden Disabilities 





    I can describe myself and a friend. 

    I can introduce myself. 

    I can describe myself. 

    I can tell my age. 

    I can tell where I'm from. 


    Frida Kahlo Biography from Mocomi