• Culture Stations

    I can explore the world around me: España, Mexico, Puerto Rico,  y arte. 

    Culture Stations






    Puerto Rico


    Arpilleras y Molas 

    Mi ciudad

    I can describe my city. I can talk about what I do in my city. 


    Describe tu ciudad

    Voy a


    Voy a Ir de Compras

    I can use Adobe Spark to show what I know. 

    Señora Chamorro's example 


    I can meet and greet a shopkeeper in an appropriate way. 

    Cuanto cuesta

    I can tell what I want to buy. 

    Quiero Comprar

    I can identify where to buy items. I can explore stores of Spain using Google Maps.

     Las Tiendas

    Google Maps Tiendas, La Calle Fuencarral en Madrid

    Las Tiendas

    Fifth graders learned to talk about different stores in Spanish and used Google Maps to find real examples on a famous shopping street in Madrid. They then told a friend in Spanish where they were headed to shop. Voy al centro comercial. 

    Special Needs Awareness Program (S.N.A.P.)

    I can explore and discuss disabilities of attention, reading, writing, and mathematics.

    Misunderstood Minds PBS

    Hidden Disabilities 

    Nochevieja en España

    I can compare New Year's Eve traditions in Spain to my own.


    Nochevieja en España

    La Hora del Codigo

    I can participate in the Hour of Code. 

    Hour of Code


    I can participate in The Hour of Code en español.


    Use the Spanish directions below to move cups in specific positions. Practice at home by making your own set ups and algorithms. 

     Coding con cups


    Hacemos Planes - Let's Make Plans

    I can tell what I like to do.

    I can tell when I want to make plans.

    I can make plans with my friends.


    ¿Qué deporte te gusta? - Video

    Me gusta bailar el Mambo - Video


    Google Classroom