Financial Aid

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    If you’re thinking about college, these tips from the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) may help you receive more money to pay for your education.

    • Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after Oct. 1 to apply for state and federal student aid. File online at for the fastest response.
    • Look for local scholarships in your newspaper. Community organizations and businesses may have scholarships reserved for local students. There is also a link below for local scholarships about which we at BSHS have information.
    • Talk with a financial aid officer at the school you plan to attend. He or she can tell you about any aid the school has available.
    • Reduce your student loan costs. Take out loans only after you have received all the free aid — grants, scholarships and work-study — for which you qualify. Federal loans are generally better deals than private loans, but compare interest rates and repayment terms carefully.
    • Visit websites with free information about college, financial aid and careers.
    • Be a neat freak. Neat and complete is important when you’re filling out applications.
    • Apply, apply, apply. The more financial aid for which you apply, the better your chances of getting enough aid to pay for college. Make sure you meet all deadlines.

    Also check with Mr. Ridd for more resources.

    Resources and Tips

    • College Application Checklist -- great list, sorted by month beginning the summer before senior year.  Provides some great suggestions, like a binder to keep all your application (school and scholarship) information organized and national deadlines.
    • College Visit Questions to ask -- It is very important to tour a school campus before you decide to attend there.   Here are some questions to ask of your tour guide while there.
    • Cracking the student aid code -- lengthy but valuable resource from College Board 
    • Financial aid FAQs -- from College Board.  Most commonly asked questions like "do I still qualify if I don't have straight As", "does applying for financial aid hurt my acceptance chances", "is private school out of my reach", and many more. 
    • How I won $500,000 in college scholarships and graduated debt free -- and you can, too -- GREAT article with a couple hints about how to get more scholarships.  Author also has a book you can order, or check it out of our library!  BREAT INFO... HIGHLY RECOMMEND!  
    • Kentucky Scholarships -- link to the PDF provided by KHEAA with a listing of all the scholarships in KY that are reported to them.  
    • Paying for College -- initial link to several links from College Board about financial aid.  
    • Scholarship Search Secrets Ebook -- book LOADED with helpful hints, published by Student Loan Network.  
    • Scholarship and Financial Aid Scams -- Everyone needs money for college, especially with tuition and expences increasing.  Unfortunately, there are some who would take advantage of that to make money off those who need assistance. Learn from the Federal Trade Commission some ways to spot scammers.
    • Seven things you need to know about financial aid -- from College Board.
    • Types of college loans -- from College Board.  In order to know what you are really getting in your offer from a school, it's best to know the different types of loans, their sources, and who is responsible for their repayment.  
    • Tips from KHEAA -- Most everyone needs assistance with college expenses these days.  Here are some basic tips from Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority to help guide you in the first steps towards financial aid and getting loans.



    Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the application required completed in order to receive any federal assistance for college.  You will need a PIN to sign the documents electronically.  A good source of information before you get started can be found at CollegeBoard.



    • Affording Higher Education -- Scholarship Search updated regularly by the KY Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA). Links to lists of federal, state, college, and trade school scholarships.  
    • KEES -- Students in the state of KY earn scholarship money based upon their grades each year they are in a KY high school.  This site details how much can be earned each year by students, bonus earnings, and directions for how to view individual account balances. You will need to signup for an account to view your balance.  
    • Go to College -- site with more helpful links from KHEAA


    Scholarship Search Engines 

    Searching for money that's free shouldn't cost a fee . . . below are some sites that can help with your search.  You will need to register for each of these in order to use their services.

    Bluegrass Community Foundation 
    College Net 
    Fast Web 
    Find Tuition 
    Hispanic Scholarship Fund 
    Kentucky Scholarships on 
    Peterson's Scholarship Search 
    United Negro College Fund Scholarship