Junior Year: Bryce Turner and Trace Williams working in media productions.
  • Junior Year

    Juniors at STEAM will begin to focus on dual credit, career exploration, college experiences and internships.  Those students who have accelerated through the content will have fewer required STEAM courses to complete.   STEAM is able to offer some course electives that students are able to take advantage of once they have completed their core classes.  These change each semester based on teacher availability, student requests and the master schedule.  This opens student schedules for more dual credit courses or internship experiences.  Students in their junior year will focus heavily on ACT preparation and all juniors will take the ACT exam for free of charge during March of their junior year.  Many juniors will be able to take advantage of a 3 block academic schedule.  A 3 block schedule requires students to take three classes at STEAM and have two blocks each day dedicated to an off campus internship.  Students must provide their own transportation to off campus internships.  Students are also able to take advantage of the Fayette County technical schools during the last two blocks.  Transportation to the technical schools is provided by Fayette County transportation. Dual Credit courses are currently offered through Bluegrass Community and Technical College.  Most dual credit courses will be offered on STEAM’s campus taught by BCTC professors or dual credit qualified STEAM teachers. Students need a total of 19 credits to be promoted to their senior year.

    A Typical Junior Schedule

    Semester 1:   

    • Calculus (Must complete Pre-Calculus and Calculus is a year long course)
    • English 4 (if an 83% is achieved during the spring of sophomore year)
    • US History
    • Fundamentals of Engineering 3
    • Elective

    Semester 2:

    • Calculus
    • Dual Credit Course
    • Elective
    • Off Campus Internship
    • Off Campus Internship