Sophomore Year: Students measuring to calculate CO2 absorption in trees.
  • Sophomore Year

    Sophomores at STEAM Academy will spend their year focusing on mastery of academic curriculum as well as continuing to develop their skills in the STEAM Habits.  Students in their sophomore year will begin to explore career and college opportunities through a series of experiences that begin in the spring of their sophomore year.  Students will spend approximately 10 days throughout the semester out of the building visiting the University of Kentucky, taking educational field trips and shadowing professionals in various careers all of which will be set up through STEAM’s internship coordinator.  Students will dive deeper into Project Based Learning and will have the opportunity to complete most of the high school required coursework by the end of their sophomore year.  Students have the opportunity to earn 10 credits during their sophomore year and must have 12 credits total to be promoted to their Junior year.

    A Typical Sophomore Schedule

    Semester 1:

    • Geometry (If an 83% is achieved in Algebra 2 during the spring of freshman year)
    • English 2
    • Chemistry 1 (If an 83% is achieved in Biology during the spring of freshman year)
    • World Language 1 (Spanish 1 or Chinese 1)
    • World Civilization

    Semester 2:

    • Pre-Calculus (If an 83% is achieved in Geometry the first semester)
    • English 3 (if an 83% is achieved in English 2 the first semester)
    • World Language 2 (Spanish 2 or Chinese 2)
    • Fundamentals of Engineering 2
    • Elective