Freshman Year: Freshmen explore geology at UK.
  • Freshman Year

    Freshmen at STEAM Academy will spend their year becoming accustomed to the STEAM way of learning.  Students will focus on the 6 STEAM Habits (Active and Responsible Decision Maker, Altruistic Leader, Creative and Critical Thinker, Effective Communicator, Engaged Learner, and Intentional Collaborator) and work their way through courses at their own pace.  Students who earn an 83% (B) in their core classes (math and science) during the first semester will have the opportunity to accelerate their learning and proceed to the next level of that content during the second semester.  Students who do not earn the 83% will continue in that course for the additional semester.  In order to ensure all students receive the full scope of the STEAM math curriculum, all freshmen begin in Algebra 1 with the opportunity to advance through Algebra 2 by the end of their freshman year.  Freshmen students do not participate in the STEAM internship program during their freshmen year but will explore careers and opportunities through their advisory class which meets twice a week.  Students are exposed to a variety of field trips and Project Based learning experiences that enhance their understanding of the content.  Students have the opportunity to earn 9 credits and must have 6 credits to be promoted to their Sophomore year.

    A typical Freshman Schedule:

    Semester 1:

    • Advance Algebra 1
    • Advanced English 1
    • Advanced Integrated Science
    • Arts & Humanities or Band/Orchestra
    • Advanced Citizenship

    Semester 2:

    • Advanced Algebra 2 (If an 83% is achieved in Algebra 1 first semester)
    • Advanced English 1 (All Freshmen remain in English 1 for the entire year)
    • Advanced Biology (If an 83% is achieved in Integrated Science first semester)
    • Fundamentals of Engineering 1
    • Wellness (Health and Physical Education)