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    Use this IC tutorial to set up your grade book and learn how to use message center, PLP, and change student passwords!  Please let me or Mr. Hughes know if you need further assistance with any of these features.

    IC Tutorial 2019


Checkout Schedule

  • Sixth Grade
    Hamlin Dec 3

    Lockhart  Dec 10

    Proctor Dec 6

    Tucker  Dec 2

    Seventh Grade
    Herald   Dec 3

    Edinger  Dec 5

    Langlois Dec 9

    Meadows   Dec 12

    Eighth Grade
    Bierenbaum    Dec 4

    Herald  Dec 3
    Kiefer Dec 10

    Mazzocchi Wednesdays

    Nichols  Dec 5

    Vonderhaar  Dec 11


Research Skills

  • Don't send kids to Google!  Send them to KYVL and have them use EXPLORA.