Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I see my school counselor?

    You can submit a request at  Choose your academy and your reason.  Your counselor will follow up as soon she is available to see you.  

    Please know that these requests are not monitored outside of school hours and will only be reviewed and addressed during school operating hours (Mon-Fri, 8:15 am-3:15 pm).
    If this is an emergency during school hours, please have your teacher contact your counselor directly.

    How do I see the College and Career Coach?

    You can submit a request at You will select your academy and reason for meeting. The CCR coach will follow up via email or phone call upon availability. 

    How do I get my no-pass no-drive form so I can get my driver's permit?

    Request the form at  Someone from the registrar's office will contact you when it's ready.

    How do I get an ACT fee waiver? 

    Request the form at  Choose "ACT fee waiver" or see your academy counselor. 

    Where do I go to get a copy of my transcript?

    Transcripts are available online through or  If you do not have a Parchment account, will automatically link your new account to Bryan Station HS.  Once you have activated your new account, you can order your transcript be sent to any institution or mailing address.  Transcripts are free for current students and $5 for graduates. 

    How do I know if it's an A-day or B-day?

    Block rotation is planned well in advance.  The schedule for the day is announced over the intercom each day about five minutes before classes begins and is posted in the library and in the front office.

    Days rotate A to B and back, even if there is a weekend or holiday.  For example, if we have an A day on the Friday before a three day weekend we will return to a B day that next Tuesday.  The only change to that rotation would be if school is called off.  In that case, the day we makeup would be the same schedule as the day missed and might cause two days in a row of the same schedule.

    How do I get my schedule changed?

    Schedules are changed only during the first few days of a semester for the following reasons:

    • Missing a course necessary to meet graduation requirements
    • Previously attempted the class with the same teacher and you weren't successful
    • An incomplete schedule (you have no class in one block)
    • Double scheduled (two classes in the same block)
    • Already completed a course listed on your schedule (previous year, summer school, PLATO, eSchool)
    • Placed in incorrect class level (general, advanced, or AP) 
      (AP classes require a parent/teacher conference or conversations

    Schedule changes are NOT considered for the following:

    • Elective preferences
    • Teacher preferences
    • Intervention classes designed to assist students in becoming College and Career Ready
    • Failure to complete summer assignments/reading for advanced or AP level courses
    • Lunch schedules (unless there are documented medical reasons)

    What classes do I need to graduate from Bryan Station?

    4 Language Arts (English 1, 2, 3, 4)
    3 Social Studies (Integrated Social Studies, World Civ, USHistory)
    4 Mathematics (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 or higher, and one additional math class) (3 math credits prior to class of 2023)
    3 Science (Integrated Science or AP Environmental Science, Biology, and Physical Science or Chemistry)
    1/2 Health
    1/2 Physical Ed (JROTC 1 may substitute for PE)
    1 History and Appreciation of Visual and Performing Arts
    0 World Language (2 credits of the same language required for pre-college curriculum)
    11 Electives

    26 Total credits