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    Welcome to Student Support Services!!!

    Each counselor has students in grades 9-12 divided alphabetically by last name. Counselors and additional student support staff can be contacted by email; see addresses provided below.

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  • To Make an Appointment, Click "View Website"
  • To Make an Appointment, Please email Mrs. Krusich.
  • To Make an Appointment, Please email Mrs. Long.
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Additional Support

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What Does a Counselor Do?

    • Talks with students individually and in groups.
    • Gains understanding of your child's behavior through observation and participation in the classroom to help identify their needs.
    • Intervenes with potential dropouts.
    • Helps students relate to others.
    • Provides counsel to teachers and parents so that they can better help their children and students.
    • Helps parents find and make better use of community resources.
    • Identify student abilities, achievement, interests, and needs.
    • Utilize other school specialists to aid students in their growing process.
    • Coordinates referrals to outside agencies.
    • Hosts and facilitate parent discussion groups.
    • Helps with school, college, job, career, and personal plans.
    • Participates in curriculum development.