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Lexington, Kentucky

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School Announcements

  • School Safety


    School Safety Improvements for Stonewall Elementary

    New pick-up location for ESP (effective Monday, March 5, 2018)

    Students in ESP will now be picked up at the doors leading to the bus lane.  This door will be manned at all times; these will also be the ONLY doors that kids in ESP can come in and out of during their time in ESP.


    New entrance for entering the building after 3:00 (effective Monday, March 5, 2018).

    If you need to enter the building for ANY reason (conference, forgotten homework or coat, etc.) you will need to park in the bus lane parking and enter through the bus lane doors.  You will sign in with ESP and get a visitor sticker.


    Guests will need to have scheduled appointments to visit a classroom(effective Tuesday, February 27, 2018)

    If you need to get something to your child, simply come in the office and drop it off.  If you have a conference or are doing something in the classroom, simple sign in and get a sticker.


    Pre-School Parents who walk their children to class will need to sign in at the office and get a Visitor Sticker (effective Tuesday, February 27, 2018).


    If you need to pick your child up early for an appointment, please try to do so prior to 2:15pm. (effective Tuesday, February 27, 2018)

    It can be very chaotic during dismissal and difficult to track down a student. When possible, please make sure all pick-ups are done prior to 2:15pm.


    Parents cannot come in during dismissal and wait in the lobby or cafeteria to pick up a child (effective Tuesday, February 27, 2018).


    During dismissal, we need all parents to stand along the sidewalk by the flagpole OR on the sidewalk in front of the cafeteria; NOT under the canopy (except when it is raining)(effective Monday, March 5, 2018).

    It is very difficult for the kids to see/meander through all of the adults who are standing on the porch.  Please work with your child to create a permanent,designated location where he/she knows to meet you.  Remind your child to come BACK IN THE BUILDING to get help if he/she cannot find their adult.


    Reminder: There is NO SUPERVISION for students dropped off in the morning prior to the start of school!

    Kids should not be dropped off before an adult is out on the porch to let them into the building.  Adults will let all kids in at 7:15am when the bell rings.


    You will need a VISITOR sticker EVERY time you are entering the building (effective, Tuesday, February 27, 2018).

    Even for large events such as Grillin’ with Gatliff, class parties/plays, you will need to come through the office and get a sticker.  To have lunch with your child, you will need to sign in and get a sticker.


    If you see areas where improvement is needed to increase safety for our students, DO NOT HESITATE to let us know.  Thank you for your assistance with these increased measures to make sure kids are safe while they are at school.

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  • Box Tops

    Stonewall Takes TOP Spot in Box Tops!


    Stonewall is now ranked #1 in our area for Box Tops.

    We are ranked #6 in Kentucky and 134th in the nation!

    Please keep collecting Box Tops for our school. 

    So far this year Stonewall has earned $2,600.00

    Thank you to all that support our Box Tops program.

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