Educating Boys of Color (EBOC)

  • Fayette County Public Schools is committed to providing educational excellence for every student. Achieving equity requires strategic decision-making to remedy opportunity gaps and create barrier-free learning environments. The Office of Educating Boys of Color (EBOC) accepts the call to foster the moral imperative and obligation to provide culturally responsive teaching and learning strategies in support of achievement at high levels for all students. We take an intentional approach to tackling the challenges of educational equity for increasing student success and outcomes for boys of color. Our commitment and sense of urgency for equity, diversity, and inclusion aim to accelerate the growth of students who have historically yielded academic outcomes of underperformance and thus require additional supports and targeted resources.

    EBOC guidelines and frameworks come from Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color standards and promising practices to empower and inspire literacy, self-image, academic achievement, and civic engagement, and the Gurian Institute's strategies for educating single-gender classrooms.

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