STC Medical Academy

  • Medical Sciences (Allied Health, Pharmacy Technician)

    Housed in a high-tech computer lab, our broad-based Medical Sciences program is designed to develop and enhance an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each health career major area. The courses introduce students to medical concepts that are relevant  to all health care careers, such as infection control, communication, legal and bioethical issues, and anatomy & physiology.  Upon successful completion of this courses, the student will be able to focus on a career major path and make informed decisions regarding choices for continuing education and/or employment. This program is an advanced training program that includes a practicum at local healthcare facilities. Therefore, it requires two full class periods, so the academic course requirements must be satisfied at your home school.

    Pre Nursing (State REgistered Nurse Aide)

    Millions of aging 'baby boomers' are requiring more health care services. The demand for trained professionals in this field is not only constant, but is escalating. State Registered Nurse Aides (SRNA) are being hired by hospitals, physicians' offices, nursing homes and clinics. Our nurse aide course is consistent with the Kentucky Medicaid Nurse Aide curriculum and offers professional instruction in the classroom, lab, and clinical areas. Students are prepared to take the state certification exam, become a SRNA, and obtain employment at the entry level of the nursing profession.