Integrated Production Technologies (IPT)

  • Advanced Career's STEM curriculum -- Integrated Production Technologies - engages students in using innovative industry driven technologies to imagine and design new and improved products.  Great entry-level jobs leading to challenging, high paying careers are available across the nation for students who have the academic and technical knowledge and skill sets to succeed. Students also need creativity and problem-solving abilities to coordinate information and analyze data.  With these skill sets, students will be prepared to dream, build and maintain cyber-mechanical systems; invent unmanned exploration vehicles; apply electrical and mechanical engineering principles to the construction of production systems; and use logistics to develop solutions to the modern world's most pressing needs and wants.

    This four course AC sequence will allow students to apply what they learn in physics, chemistry, and biology to real-world projects using emerging, cutting edge materials.  Students will work on the frontiers of product development by applying nanotechnology to new areas of need. Students will reengineer existing products to reduce the energy and material costs required to produce them, invent new products, and create more durable and efficient products using automated computer-aided design and manufcaturing programs.

    Across the curriculum, working in teams and in online communities with industry professionals, students will learn by applying engineering design processes to authentic project-based assignments.  Students will engage in 3-D computer-aided design, documentation, prototyping, testing and analysis.  Students will also design modern production systems, create energy efficient work cells and explore robotics with the programmable logic control systems used in the world's leading industries.

    The curriculum also incorporates the lean management tools and techniques used by leading industries to improve their processes, increase the quality of their products and make them more competitive.  Students will use advanced measurement tools to gather quality control data and apply priciples from Six Sigma, lean manufacturing, statistical process control, total quality management and inventory control to design just-in-time production systems.

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    Integrated Production Technologies