Dixie Enrichment Academy


    Registration Requirements

    • $30 annual fee 
    • Registration form
    • Automatic bank draft and voided dheck
    • Student information form


    • $12 daily for part-time (one to three days a week)
    • $11 daily for full-time (four or five days a week)

    All tuition will be paid by automatic check withdrawal from either a checking or savings account. These withdrawals will be done on the 15th and 30th of each month. There are no other payment options.


    The Enrichment Academy is open until 6 p.m. on the regular school session days. Late pick-up will be charged $2 for each minute past 6 p.m. and due that same day.

    Note: The YMCA offers snow day drop-offs on a first come, first served basis at three of their facilities; families may contact the Y at (859) 254-9622 for details.

  • Mission and Expectations

    Our team aims to provide after-school care with enrichment opportunities. The Dixie Enrichment Academy follows the same standards and expectations as during the school day. Dixie prides itself on our stellar student behavior and this is part of The Enrichment Academy as well.

    R—Respect People and Property
    U—Use an Appropriate Voice
    L—Listen and Follow Directions
    E—Exercise Self Control
    S—Stay on Task