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    AP Exam Registration has closed for the 22-23 school year.

    AP Exam Information for students registering for AP Exams, May 2023

    Student & Parent Letter



    2022-2023 AP Exam Registration Information


    Regular Online Exam registration for students currently taking AP courses begins September 29, 2022 and ends October 31st at 11:59 pm.  To register & for exam payment, students must click on the link provided on the school website or visit www.TotalRegistration.net/AP/181430. If the student does not want to take an exam, they will need to log in to College Board and change their order status to “No”.

    To complete registration & payment, all required questions must be answered.  Please provide an e-mail address that you will check as you will receive important information regarding AP exams via e-mail.  Save a copy of the PDF confirmation page for your records once registration and payment are complete.

    2023 AP Exams cost $42 each. KDE is Subsidizing AP Exams for 2023 The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) announced they will pay a significant amount toward AP exams for ALL public school students. Students will pay less for exams and then receive a refund after taking the exam. All students who register for an AP exam will pay $42 if they register on time. After a student takes an exam(s), $20 per exam will be refunded to the family. Payments will be made by credit card or check directly to Total Registration – no payments will be made to Lafayette or collected at Lafayette. See below for deadlines/late fines. Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch WILL need to register and then their exams will be FREE.  However, late and cancellation fines will apply to these students as ancillary fees and will not be subsidized by the state.

    Some exams may be administered off campus.  Transportation to and from off-site test site will be the student/family responsibility.

    Registration website:       www.TotalRegistration.net/AP/181430 

    • September 29th           Exam Registration Begins
    • November 1st              Late Registration Begins: $25 late fine per registration
    • November 11th            Last Day for Full Refund
    • November 14th            $65 Late Fine per Exam Begins
    • March 8th                   Last Day to Order Exams with Late Fines
    • Late fines are non-refundable. Free/Reduced lunch students who register late or cancel-will have late fines.


    Overview of Registration Process Steps:

    Overview of Registration Process Steps:  Part 1

    1. Go to link:   www.TotalRegistration.net/AP/181430  
    2. If you have registered for an AP exam (or PSAT) in the past, please use the same email address.   
    3. Complete all sections/questions on the registration form. 

         4.  Carefully check exams and teachers for which you have registered

              (exam names and schedule are on the next page of this letter.) 

         5.  Complete payment online with Total Registration.

         6.  Print or save payment confirmation page for your

              records.  Registration is complete when you are able to print a

              confirmation page. 


    Overview of Registration Process Steps:  Part 2  (You may have already completed this step in class)

    1. Log in to myap.collegeboard.org Use your College Board log in information. If you have previously created a College Board account and cannot login to My AP, please use the forgot username/password links to reset your account. If you have trouble logging in to My AP, please call College Board at 866-315-6068.  
    2. You'll see a REGISTER button in your class section view in My AP after you join your class sections. Clicking this button will let your coordinator know that you plan to take the exam and will order it for you.  
    3. From the pop-up window, select either CONFIRM REGISTRATION (if you are taking the exam) or NO, I WISH TO REMOVE MYSELF FROM TAKING THIS EXAM.  
    4. Once you have selected to register, the date and time of your exam will appear in your class section view in My AP. 



    Week 1 AP Schedule (2023)




    Monday, May 1st


    U.S. Government and Politics


    Tuesday, May 2nd

    Environmental Science           Chinese Language & Culture



    Wednesday, May 3rd

    English Literature & Composition


    Computer Science A

    Thursday, May 4th

    Human Geography





    Friday, May 5th

    European History

    U.S. History


    Art History


    *AP Art and Design courses: May 5th at 3:00 PM is the last day to submit portfolios.


    Week 2 AP Schedule (2023)




    Monday, May 8th  

    Calculus AB

    Calculus BC


    Computer Science Principles

    Tuesday, May 9th  

    English Language & Composition  Japanese Language & Culture


    Physics C

    Wednesday, May 10th 

    Spanish Language & Culture



    Thursday, May 11th

    French Language & Culture

    World History: Modern


    Physics 1: Algebra – Based

    Friday, May 12th

    Music Theory


    Physics 2: Algebra- Based




    AP Exam Registration/Payment Process Questions: Please contact Tracey Lilly, tracey.lilly@fayette.kyschools.us